Temporary Treatment & Deployable Units

    The dBBR is an easily transported, internally modified 20-ft shipping container. It requires minimal maintenance and has the ability to operate on less than 2.4 kW of electricity. The dBBR represents an excellent opportunity to bring treatment systems into compliance while repairs or modifications are being made to the existing plant. Also, due to its deployable nature, it’s quickly becoming the system of choice for military and humanitarian applications alike.

    While influent characteristics and environmental factors play a role, a single dBBR can treat between 10,000 and 15,000 gallons per day (gpd) of raw sewage and regularly produce effluent with BOD, TSS, and ammonia-nitrogen concentrations of 10, 15, and < 1 mg/L, respectively. Placing multiple reactors in parallel allows for increased flow treatment capability. Users also benefit form simplistic, modular controls that allow for plug-and-play of new control panels if there's ever a failure – no more troubleshooting onsite! Call Frontier Environmental Technology today to find out how we can help provide temporary relief.


 Deployable Baffled Bioreactor (dBBR)


 dBBR Control Panel – Simplistic, Modular Design