Successful aBBR Demonstration

Post date: Nov 07, 2011 1:17:40 PM

Frontier Environmental Technology Successfully

Demonstrates Alternating Baffled Bioreactor (aBBR)

For Advanced Nitrogen Removal

Rolla, Missouri – On September 25, 2011, Frontier Environmental Technology wrapped up a three-month technology demonstration project for the aBBR at the Southeast Wastewater Treatment Facility outside of Rolla, MO. The aBBR is an application of BBR technology that operates in alternating anoxic/aerobic modes to remove >70% of total nitrogen in wastewater, along with superior BOD and TSS reduction. Total nitrogen in wastewater is a composition of several different forms of nitrogen – all of which can be harmful to aquatic life and toxic to humans in high concentrations.

State regulatory agencies are beginning to require wastewater treatment plants to remove some or all forms of total nitrogen. The capital upgrade, operational, and maintenance costs for plants to remove total nitrogen can be significant. The aBBR is extremely efficient thanks to the simplicity of its operation. Air from blowers is used to drive the functions of the reactor, including a newly developed anoxic mixing system.

Frontier is pursuing similar technologies for permanent installations in small- to medium-sized communities throughout North America. For more information and updates about Frontier Environmental Technologies and their projects visit