Introducing the BBRn



    Many communities throughout our home state of Missouri have no option but to discharge to a losing stream.  Other communities across the country are beginning to see total nitrogen and/or nitrate-nitrogen appear on their operating permits. These situations can result in the community having to build a treatment system that's costly to construct and cumbersome to maintain due to chemical addition.

    The Baffled Bioreactor for Advanced Nitrogen Removal (BBRn) represents a solution to this problem. First, influent flows to the core reactor, an Alternating Baffled Bioreactor (aBBR). This reactor alternates between aerobic conditions and anoxic conditions to provide >70% total nitrogen removal, in addition to superior BOD and TSS reduction. The treated liquor then flows to an aerobic polishing BBR for removal of residual ammonia and reaeration. A final clarifier or polishing system follows the aerobic BBR.

    As with other BBR systems, the BBRn operates on a minimal number of moving parts. The anoxic mixing in the BBRn is provided by our patent-pending surge pumps. These modified air pumps use a single large bubble to generate convective forces within the reactor. The large bubble minimizes dissolved oxygen transfer to the mixed liquor in the reactor. This reactor may be operated even more efficiently than the BBR – giving communities excellent wastewater treatment capabilities at minimal ongoing expense.

Baffled Bioreactor for Advanced Nitrogen Removal (BBRn)