Advantages: BBR

The Baffled BioreactorTM (BBR) improves the conventional activated sludge process by using baffles to create a unique flow pattern within the reactor that promotes biomass retention. A higher biomass concentration improves treatment efficiency and effectiveness, without the need of a separate sludge return system.  Because this technology simplifies the conventional activated sludge system, users/operators will realize savings throughout the life of the system.

 At the heart of the BBR is the unique baffle system that naturally returns liquor from an intermediate settling chamber back to the aerobic zone while allowing effluent to decant from the surface.  Depending on the demands of the application, the BBR reactor can be integrated with an anoxic zone and final clarifier (Figure 1) into a single unit or inserted into the flow stream of existing plants.  The core technology is such that the system is scalable and can be applied to a variety of applications from single house to large community.

Other advantages of this unique technology include: