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Small and Large Communities – Baffled Bioreactor (BBR) 

A customizable option that’s ideal for small communities and/or cluster systems. This is especially true where tried and true wastewater treatment systems are no longer able to meet more stringent effluent standards on Ammonia-Nitrogen, TSS and BOD5.
Why BBR?

The BBR requires minimal maintenance and energy-use. Compared to conventional sand filters, the BBR provides a higher-quality effluent and longer operational life. Plus, while operating on a permanent, low-energy cost basis, the BBR is both odor and clog-free. The ability of Frontier to construct the unit underground means the BBR can blend into any small community – alleviating the need for individual septic systems. Recent literature suggests that cluster systems are as cost efficient as individual systems, if not more so.

 The BBR can be designed to retrofit existing plants easily and affordably.  Integrating the reactor in-line with existing screens, grit chamber and clarifier is simple and expedient.  Frontier can also assist in the design and layout of your plant is some or all of the aforementioned components are failing or non-existent.


BBR Design

The compact design of the BBR reduces its footprint while allowing for easy plant retrofit, and may be placed above or below grade. In addition, system redundancies have been incorporated to ensure continual treatment, in the rare occurrence of component failure.


BBR Research

Research has demonstrated high performance by consistently meeting advanced secondary treatment limits (10 mg/L BOD, 15 mg/L TSS) and Total Ammonia Nitrogen of 1 mg/L or less.